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Pizza Bagels

Published Monday, 06 September, 2010 by Rebecca Edwards

Pretty much effortless, and tastes great!



  • A bagel sliced in half
  • about a tablespoon of Dolmio sauce
  • small block of cheese


1) Pop your bagel in the toaster on quite a low setting, then turn the grill on. Meanwhile, grate your cheese onto a plate.

2) When your bagels done, put them on a plate and spread with the Dolmio sauce, and then sprinkle with your cheese

3) Cook under the grill for two to three minutes, or until the cheese bubbles and starts to go golden-y brown

4) Take out and eat!

Tip from me: pop some cut up peppers or mushrooms on if they're left over - tastes so good!


  • Bob 6 years ago

    Were making these tomorroww xx

  • Matthew 7 years ago

    Amazing you have to try and it is so easy to make