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Soup And Chips- The Soup Acts As A Sauce!!!

Published by townshed

don't do it unless you've spent all of your money on booze!!



  • potatoes or oven chips
  • 1 can condensed soup (any variety will do!)
  • utensils may help.


chip n fry the potatoes (or cook the oven chips)

cook the soup (it's not brain surgery!!!)

serve by pouring the soup on the chips et viola soup and chips.



  • Anna 5 years ago

    I've had chips with home cooked stew since i was little, it was a traditional dish in my family. Served with freshly baked white crusty bread. It's definitely still a favourite comfort food of mine, on a cold dark winter's night, especially if i'm suffering from a cold.
    anna, derbyshire, uk

  • Ala 5 years ago

    Kikikikkikikikikikikikikikikikikikikkikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikkikkikikikikikikiki stop

  • Hun 5 years ago


  • Anne 5 years ago

    Opinia jest taka ale we i o ale nie

  • Eva 5 years ago

    Pycha ale ma?o soli i du?o pieprzu ale chips pycha

  • Anita 5 years ago


  • Maree 6 years ago

    Seriously - it is yum -- i put the chips on top of the soup

  • trotter 7 years ago

    soup and chips !!!!!! are you really serious ?? this sounds like one of the grossest dishes known to man !!!! soggy chips eeewwww ??? just doesn't mix in my book , one question though , do you put salt and vinegar on ?

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