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Yummy Noodles

Published Monday, 06 October, 2008 by katherine johnson

sick of eating plain old noodles? then this is the recipe for you



  • instant noodles
  • chicken stock cube
  • chicken gravy granuals (optional)
  • sweetcorn
  • mushrooms
  • leek
  • any other vegetables you like
  • salt
  • pepper


1. boil a large pan of water

2. add noodle seasoning, stock cube and gravy granuals

3. break upp the noodles then add them

4. chop up veg then add

5. add any other seasonings you like

6. gently simmer till everything is cooked

7. tuck in, can also be enjoyed with toast. soft cheese spread mixed in is also nice!!


  • Aisha 4 years ago

    I'm going to try it, not a fan on noodles though

  • Sophie 4 years ago

    This was actually not sickly i think i used too many onions though.
    very nice!

  • Amira 8 years ago

    I always liked Yummy Yoodles So i tried searching for a recepy and i coulden't find it! But now i have!
    P.S. i'm from the Dutch You now Amsterdam?

  • joanna 9 years ago

    this sounds sickly

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