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Spicey Salted Salad

Published Monday, 07 January, 2013 by Olivia

A very simple, filling recipe, sounds complicated but isn't (serves 1-5)



  • Half a red pepper
  • half a green pepper
  • mushrooms (preferably small)
  • salt (optional)
  • pepper
  • tomato's (2-3 large or 5-6 small)
  • half a cucumber
  • salad dressing (optional)


1. Take red pepper and spoon out inside ( if got insides)

2. Crush the mushroom into tiny pieces.

3. Add crushed mushroom into pepper, season with pepper

4.Add inside of pepper on top

6. Chop pepper into thin slices

7. Wash and add to plate

8. Get green pepper, half a cucumber and tomato's and cut all up.

9. Wash

10. Add to plate of peppers and mix with hands gently.

11. Add salt (optional)

12. Enjoy your salad

you may want to add lettuce at number 8 or 10. I hope you enjoy!

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  • This looks amazing!!!!