Simple Tomato Penne

homemade tomato sauce and penne noodles. fresh and light.

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olive oil

This is pretty much an improv recipe. One tomato is enough for a single meal, so, you be the judge at how many you want to use. Peel the tomato(es), then chop up into the smallest bits you can chop. ready a sauce pan with olive oil on a relatively low-medium temperature. put tomatoes in sauce pan. simmer.. cook.. whatever, and add little bits of garlic, basil, and minced onions. let it cook for awhile, stirring.. obviously so it doesn’t burn. while this is happening, boil water in a pot and add noodles (to the pot. not the sauce. …) if your sauce is getting too dry looking, just add a bit of water and olive oil. when the noodles look edible, strain them and.. you know.. put them on a plate. i usually add the water and olive oil to the sauce now, mixing in a bowl. just. cause. then your sauce is ready for the noodles. this whole thing is basically just what looks right to you. if the sauce looks too watery, let it cook a little longer. common sense kind of stuff. if you wanted meat in it, cook the meat first in the pan, then when it’s pretty much done you add the tomatoes and other things. i’ve had salmon in the sauce once and it was pretty good.