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Published Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 by kathryn

crispy skins, bacon and cheese filling



  • potatoe
  • cheese
  • bacon (optional)
  • creme freiche
  • salt


clean POTATOE but keep it wet

coat in SALT (to crisp the skin)

STAB with a fork LOTS

put in oven for 1 HOUR on full heat



once done cut POTATOE in half and spoon out the mash into a bowl and add BUTTER

fry BACON, dice and mix into mash with lots of CHEESE

stuff your mix into the SKINS and top with CREME FREICHE



  • Jasmine 7 years ago

    If you want to save time on this recipe, I'd suggest putting the potato into the microwave for around 8 minutes - it will cook in the oven then in half the amount of time. I'd also recommend trying cream cheese - You can get low fat versions for those of you looking to cut back on the calories in this recipe, or even flavoured ones and then you can leave out the creme fraiche (it probably works out cheaper too).

  • SEXY CHICKEN 8 years ago

    my mama made these there were amazing halilouya

  • @ Penny :) 8 years ago

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    You could have a low metabolic rate which means you naturally put on weight easier than other people

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  • Heather 8 years ago

    tastes better with chicken, bbq sauce and sweetcorn!

  • to penny 9 years ago

    you are a terrible person

  • samantha 9 years ago

    yea i gusse that sound good

  • samantha 9 years ago

    what is in the repice

  • Penny :) 9 years ago

    iv put on like some weight recently so i wouldnt know much really ..speaking of which does anyone know any good weight loss tips like proper fat and its like a proper problem innit? Is it just normal to get really fat at any age? xxxxx tap back xxx

  • mrsg72 9 years ago

    ummm sounds yummy !

  • Rhi 9 years ago

    Dee you could use veggie bacon? or some form of vegetable like peppers fried? ...

  • dee 9 years ago

    for veggies what could be the bacon substitute?

  • Nev 9 years ago


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