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Bacon And Egg Sarnie

Published Thursday, 17 March, 2011 by Biba

i just make it so daym good!



  • - 2 Slices of Bread
  • - bacon, (as many as you want.. 3-4 preferably)
  • - egg, (i have two eggs, but you could have one)
  • - butter
  • - tomato sauce


- heat up a frying pan, wait until hot then spray / pour a little oil into pan.

- place the bacon in pan.

- when the bacon looks nearly dont crack the eggs into the pan with the bacon in

- pop the bread in the toaster

- when both bacon and eggs and toast are done turn of the hob

- butter BOTH slices of toast

- then it goes, bacon (half of how many you put in the pan) egg[s] and then the rest of the bacon, then top it off with tomato sauce, slap the other slice of toast on top.

& bloody well enjoy it! i love it.. :)

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  • Perfect for chilly gloomy days.