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Bake Beans On Toast

Published Tuesday, 26 August, 2008 by Sarah

Tasty and Easy



  • Tin Of Bake Beans
  • Bread (Brown, White, Wholemeal, Best Of Both)
  • Butter


1. Open The Tin of Bake Beans And Empty Them Into a Ssucepan And Cook Them For About 5 Minutes.

2. Put Yor Bread In The Toaster And Wait Till It Has Cooked...

3. When Toast As Cooked Spread The Butter On To The Toasr.

4. Place The Toast On To a Plate And After The Beans Have Cooked Pour Them Over The Toast.

5. Then Serve........


  • Janet 8 years ago

    A dash of instant gravy, and some cheese goes a really long way. Really fills you up, and very satisfying.

  • Sam 10 years ago

    I use brown sauce and two cans of beans when i have it

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