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Banana Ice Cup.

Published Sunday, 19 September, 2010 by owen sloanes

very easy and simple recipe that tastes delicious.



  • 6 banana's ( ripe ),
  • plastic container,
  • freezer.


* put banana's into a plastic container.

* crush the banana's until they are smooth.

* Place the container into a freezer for 2 hours.

Now take the container out of the freezer and you have a nice banana ice cup.


  • Zuhra 6 years ago

    Sounds yummy

  • Marli 6 years ago

    Wow!!!! Sounds yummy. I'll try it

  • Coebin 7 years ago

    They are yummy

  • dman 8 years ago

    ima try that

  • Jasime 8 years ago

    it tastes of cow poo how the came up with this recipe

  • Halima 8 years ago

    i tried this recipe when i was hungry but had hardly anything nice to eat in the kitchen, it's proper quick and easy to make and tastes really delicious :)

  • Sumaiya 8 years ago

    hahahahahaha ok im gonna try it i.A.

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