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Banana Nutella Toastie Melt

Published Wednesday, 19 December, 2012 by Amelia Bosten

Gooey, melty, bananary heaven



  • - 2 slices of good quality bread of your choice (brown, white).
  • - 1-4 teaspoons of nutella, or however much you desire.
  • - 1 large banana (fresh and ripe).
  • - butter


1. Slice your banana into 1/2 cm sized slices.

2. Butter the outer side of both of your slices of bread, so when you toast it off in the frying pan it will brown nicely.

3. Take the first slice of your chosen bread and spread half the ammount of your nutella onto the bread coating generously.

4. Use half the ammount of the banana slices and place onto the nutella coated slice of bread.

5. And do to the next slice using up the rest of your nutella and banana.

6. Put your hob on to a medium heat and place your 'toastie' onto the frying pan and toast until the side down is golden.

7. Use a spatula to turn it over swiftly to then toast the other side.

8. Turn of the hob and enjoy.


  • Nothing 6 years ago

    Sooo goooooooooood

  • JaneF 6 years ago

    Nice well done

  • CasOp 6 years ago

    Yes exactly what i needed after my part time job.

  • Aidenqay 6 years ago

    This tastes so chocolatly, me n my mates all had whilst playing fifaa

  • Lydiaaaz 6 years ago

    Quite sickly but still so naughtly pleasing

  • Benally123 6 years ago

    A m a z i n g.
    if you love banana and nutella then dont look any futher omg
    this just nooo mmmmm i could have like billions of these nommm

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