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Bolognese Sandwich

Published by rachel hannon

sooooo good.



  • left over bolognaise (not tinned sauce, proper homemade stuff)
  • bread
  • butter
  • cheese (optional)


i always make too much bolognese and have to use it up,but it tastes so good like this:

heat up the bolognaise in the microwave

toast 2 pieces of bread, and butter (generously!)

heap dollops on yummy bolognese onto one piece of bread (then grate cheese on top in you like to make it extra yummy)

and put the other slice on top.

sounds silly, and my friends laughed at me until they tried it...who has the last laugh now?...MUWHAHAHA!


  • Vikram 5 years ago

    Post pics also

  • Matt 6 years ago

    I'm stuffing my face with one right now!

  • Bye 7 years ago

    Lush sandwich!!! I love it cold aswell... Mmm ;)

  • Paul 7 years ago

    Try a bit of american mustard on the bread...Gives it a bit of a zing :)

  • Ellie 7 years ago

    Cover the toast in cream cheese instead of butter. Taste sensation!

  • CrazyB 8 years ago

    Haha i thought i was the only one who did this, fam laugh an look at me like im mad !! ty !! :D

  • Erin 8 years ago


  • Megan 8 years ago

    I always have it cold too, sooooo yummy =D

  • pand 8 years ago

    been doing it since i was a kid, sooo good!

  • phil 8 years ago

    even better, for me, i use quorn and have it cold in un-toasted make sure the mix isnt too wet and slice some toms in. V.nice

  • sarah 9 years ago

    i do :l

  • samantha 10 years ago

    this is soooo yummy

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