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Bread Roll

Published Wednesday, 03 July, 2013 by Shivam Agarwal

A delicious snack for snack lovers



  • 1- bread - (any)
  • 2- potatoes
  • 3- salt (accordingly to taste)
  • 4- red chilli powder ( according to taste)
  • 5- coriander powder or garam masala (according to taste)
  • 6- vegetable oil (to fry)
  • 7- a small bowl of water


1- boil potatoes.

2- peel the boiled potatoes and mash them.

3- add salt, red chilli powder and coriander powder according to taste.

4- sprinkle some water on the slice of bread and put the mixture of potato in it and close it completely.

5- fry it and serve it with various dips and sauces.

enjoy it ! :-)

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