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Crunchy Sandwich

Published Monday, 02 November, 2009 by Chris

Frozen Bread Surprise



  • - Bread, preferable from the freezer (as this is where the idea came from)
  • - Cheese
  • - Lettuce
  • - Butter


1. Get your frozen bread from the freezer, then toast it.

2. While its toasting, slice some cheese and chop some lettuce up ready to put on your crunchy sandwich.

3. Once the bread has become toasted, leave it to stand until its gone cold.

4. Then when its cold, butter your toast and cut the slice of toast in half. (obviously if you want more make more)

5. Place the cheese on one side (both sides if you like the cheese thick) then throw some lettuce on top of the cheese, close it up and enjoy your crunchy sandwich.

(toast doesnt have to go cold, you can still have it hot, it tastes almost as nice and takes half the time)

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