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Dessert Sandwhich

Published Sunday, 17 March, 2013 by Juiniorchef1

A tasty and easy to make treat, great for kids! very sweet, but very healthy!



  • A fair amount of grape jelly
  • a fair amount of cream-cheese
  • rye bread, or any form of thick bread
  • butter [optional]
  • you will need a toaster for this dessert/snack.


First, take some rye bread, or any thick bread. Rye bread simply makes the snack healthier.

toast the bread until crispy. This dish is best served with the crust cut off, for it makes it easier to bite into.

taking the first toasted slice, thickly lather it with grape jelly. I use a butter knife, for it is easier and does less damage to the bread.

then take the other toasted slice and begin to spread a fair amount of cream cheese. Before doing so, if you would like you can apply a very small amount of butter.

press the two breads together, creating the sandwhich.

your done! Enjoy!

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