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Devil Sandwich

Published Saturday, 17 January, 2015 by Shivam Agarwal

An easy to make spicy and sweet sandwich



  • 1) 3 slices of bread
  • 2) pizza spread sauce
  • 3) sandwich spread sauce
  • 4) momo sauce or any other spicy sauce
  • 5) chocolate bar (better prefer a cadbury dairy milk)
  • note:- it would be better if you use the sauces of funfood


1) take one slice of bread and spread pizza sauce on one side.

2) take second slice of bread and spread sandwich sauce on both sides of the bread and place it on the previous slice.

3) take third slice of bread and spread the momo sauce on one side.

4) put pieces of chocolate between the second and the third slice of bread.

5) microwave the sandwich for 30 seconds.

eat and enjoy

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