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Easy Cheese On Toast

Published Saturday, 10 May, 2014 by Rottan

For those without oven



  • * bread slices of your choice (i'm using whole wheat)
  • * cheddar slices
  • * optional smoked beef / bacon
  • * butter


* melt some butter on the frying pan and wipe it with the bread

* toast till golden brown and slide a bit more butter on the empty space of the pan

* wipe it with the other side of the bread

* immediately after flipping, put the cheddar slice on the first side and let it melt

* you can put pre cooked smoked beef / bacon or parsley sprinkles to taste


  • Anonymous Troller 4 years ago


  • Rowra 5 years ago

    It is just a piece of toast with melted cheese on it but made in style. Good creativity

  • Gargi 5 years ago

    Awesome recipe!!!!

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