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Egg Pizza

Published Monday, 01 April, 2013 by Anonymous

Its my 1st made pizza in home my sis loved it!! hope u to like it :)



  • ? pizza base or chapptii
  • ? egg - 2
  • ? grated cheese
  • ? cheese cream
  • ? sauce
  • ? veggies (even any of ur choices)
  • ? chilli powder,turmeric powder a pinch.
  • ? salt to taste


To make the paste :

chop the veggies put it in a bowl mix well with chilli,turmeric powder & salt,now add the 2 eggs ,mix well .


heat the kadai with oil and fry the mixed stuff.

apply cheese cream & sauce to the pizza base or the chapptii.Now take the fried stuffings and apply on thhe pizza base or chapptii.Keep in oven for 400f or heat it in a pan.Take it out and servie hot!

i guess u all enjoy it :)


  • Frank Jones 5 years ago

    Coooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll ......................

  • LEW 5 years ago

    I ate this and died. It was totes not amazeballs. I preferred the milk pizza.

  • Shraaz 6 years ago

    Holy crab,i dnt knw wht does kadai mean....

  • Chef. Kailash 6 years ago

    Very easy to make

  • Sk Mukhtar 6 years ago

    Not bad

  • Sejal 6 years ago

    Fantastic !!!!! I just love it <3

  • Sejal 6 years ago

    Really easy to make and tasty too!!!!!!! I just love it <3

  • Khadijah 6 years ago

    The thought of egg on my pizza disgusts me! Ewwwwwwwwww

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