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French Toast =]

Published Thursday, 08 July, 2010 by Kiri

A simple and quick recipe for a filling snack



  • 1-2 Eggs
  • A few slices of Bread
  • Oil (for frying pan)


Heat up some oil on a pan. Whisk the 2 eggs together, dip the bread in the eggs and then fry in the pan until each side is [golden] brown. =]


  • MInecraft Is Awesome54 6 years ago


  • Pat 6 years ago

    You could also mix the egg with a drop of milk. I used to feed my hungry 3 kids this when short of money that was 35yrs ago.

  • Yourmom 6 years ago

    My mum already makes that at home so yeah

  • Kiri 9 years ago

    You could also add some Tomato sauce for extra flavour =]
    (Sorry, it wouldn't let me edit my recipe)

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