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Garlic Bread

Published Saturday, 05 May, 2012 by Ishita Sareen

Make it from any bread, works for all and is cheap



  • Butter/margarine or any other fat
  • bread [any –sandwich, french, italian or any other nationality]
  • 1 clove of garlic is enough for 3-4 slices, if u like it light and not too heavy
  • parsley/ coriander [dried]- ¼ tsp
  • black pepper –1/8 tsp
  • oregano—as much or as less as u like it and other herbs like rosemary, thyme etc
  • cheese-slices, cubes, parmesan, mozzarella, blue cheddar or anything else
  • salt to taste
  • [ out of these only salt, oregano, bread, butter and garlic are essential ,u can skip others but it’s better not to. U can adjust ingredients to taste.]



1. crush the garlic by the following link [with pics]: mash it as small as u can, cuz the smaller the garlic, more strong is the flavour. U can also crush it by using a garlic press.

2. then mix it in 1 stick of butter, along with the rest of the ingredients[oregano, pepper, salt etc].U can freeze this garlic butter for 2 weeks also.

3. mix thoroughly. Then apply on the bread with an ordinary knife, or a pastry brush or spoon or anything else. Both sides should be coated evenly.

4. for oven: preheat the oven, and then place a foil sheet or a cookie sheet, place the bread on them, u can do as many loaves as u like[depends upon the size of the oven].Wait for 5 min or as long as it takes for the edges to become dark and the inside to become golden brown, then flip over. Add some cheese after flipping over[if u wanna], then cook till it becomes light brown [mozzarella cheese will become brown, but not ordinary cheese slices or cubes]

5. for microwave: grill in the microwave for some time and then flip. Look for the same pointers as in point 4.

note: 1.The butter should not be melted, but semi liquid 2.Do not let foil touch the heaters or it may explode. 3. Do not use foil in microwave or it will explode, surely.

4. While using foil, do not wrap the sandwich bread in it, keep the up side open. 5.This recipe also works for italian or french bread but u will have to wrap it in the foil leaving the sides open.

6.Its also good to prepare just one bread slice first, taste it and then do the others so as to prevent wastage.

enjoy with soups, snacks, spaghetti or just by itself. U can garnish it with crushed oregano[crush it in a mortar and pestle]

i see so many views but not a single comment or rating. Please rate and comment. It makes the submitter happy, if u have submitted a recipe or even an essay u can sympathize with me.



  • Alika 4 years ago

    Tx it taste nice

  • Josephraj 4 years ago

    i'm gonna try this tomorrow and comment later
    Thanks & Regards

  • Jennifer 4 years ago

    !!!! Loved it :)

  • Nivvi 5 years ago

    Awesome :) thanks for sharing the tips.

  • Anu 6 years ago

    Awsome thx for the dish i really really needed something easy to make which is tasty too.Xd

  • Meenal 6 years ago

    It looks yummy!!!! M really looking forward to make it....But i dont have an oven/microwave. Can u plz suggest me any alternate instead? Thanks

  • Armswideopen 6 years ago

    There is a garlic-flavored margarine. Is it good already or should i still include garlic cloves? Thanks!

  • Shailja 7 years ago

    1 clove of garlic is sufficient only for 1 slice

  • Rosa 7 years ago

    Sounds good, i will be trying it tonight with some spaghetti :)

  • Some Guy :P 7 years ago

    I hope it's like i ate in italy :3 pretty sure it'll be nice tho

  • Rose 7 years ago


  • Priya 7 years ago

    2 good, extreme easy, awesome!!!
    works wonderfully well!!

  • Udaya 7 years ago

    Nice and an easy recipe

  • Jia 7 years ago

    Awesome recipe nd easy 2:)

  • Lala 7 years ago

    It is awesome i tried but keep on failing

  • Big Al 7 years ago

    Yo i just got baked then baked this illllllllll. Youare probably the greatest person to ever internet, ever. I love you.

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