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Garlic French Bread

Published Monday, 26 September, 2011 by Jo Saunders

Something different with a bit of french stick



  • Small to medium sized piece of french stick
  • Margarine
  • One clove of finely chopped / grated garlic
  • Herbs if desired


Cut your piece of french stick in half lenghways.

In a bowl, put in about 2 tablespoons of margarine and between half and one whole clove of grated / chopped garlic (depending on how strong you like it!).

Mix together.

Spread on to the bread.

Add the herbs if you have them (basil / oregano work particularly well).

Put under the grill / in the oven for 3 - 4 minutes.


(This can be eaten on its own as a snack or as a side dish to a big plate of pasta :) )


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