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Idli 65 Special

Published Tuesday, 30 December, 2014 by V.sruthi Pravallika

Very tasty and delicious sourthern recipe!!!!!!



  • Idli
  • oli
  • chilli sauce
  • tomato sauce


First prepare idli.Then take 1 idli and cut it into square pieces neatly and cleanly and take a pan in that pore oil and after getting heating up u take the idli pieces and deep fry it.Then take it into a plate and then serve to ur children with tomato or chilli sauce.Ur deicious idli 65 special is ready!!!Serve it hot then u wil know the taste and speciality!!!And dis the southern recipe.


  • Nancy 4 years ago


  • Dash 4 years ago

    Satyama rombha kevalama irukku....!!!!!

  • Paddu 4 years ago

    Vry nice and tasty dish.