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Published Wednesday, 06 April, 2011 by Lauren




  • 1bag,Cool Tortilla chips
  • for sauce.
  • A tub of sweet chill sauce.
  • 2 tbsp of kethup.
  • 1 tin Plumed tomtoes.
  • For top
  • Grated chesse


Pre-heat your oven at 200*

You place your tortilla chips on a large plate.

Then you get a large glass blow and add the sweet chill sauce,after that you add the kethup. when you have done that you add your tin of plumed tomtoes and crush it all up,l you can use a blender to do this. then you add the sauce to the chips . you will need some grated chesse for the topping of the nachos.

then place in oven for 10mins


  • Georgija 4 years ago

    How much does it serve

  • Georgina 4 years ago

    Not to be rude but these spelling are mainly wrong please reply if it's ok to actually ok use If it's made by a 18 year old it should be much better

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  • Student Recipes
    1 hour ago

  • Student Recipes
    10 hours ago

    So easy, a student could do it.

  • Student Recipes
    12 hours ago

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