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Queijo E Chouriço - Portuguese Style!

Published Monday, 13 July, 2015 by Ali

A quick and simple fried sandwich recipe for rainy days and bbqs alike



  • ? bread - whichever type you prefer, i use white bread, you'll need 2 slices
  • ? about 80g of normal cheddar cheese
  • ? 50g of mozzarella
  • ? pack of sliced chorizo (you'll only need 2 or 3 slices)
  • ? butter
  • ? vegetable oil (may need seasoning with veggie oil if you don't use garlic oil - season to taste!)
  • ? and a decent frying pan
  • optional
  • ? instead of veggie oil, use garlic infused olive oil for the ultimate portuguese flavour


Before you start: get your pan on the heat, low-medium should do it.

1 ? butter one side of each slice of bread heavily

2 ? pour a little oil into the pan, it's hot enough when the oil starts bubbling a little - not a lot!

3 ? place one of the bread slices butter-side down in the pan

4 ? quickly layer the cheddar onto the bread slice, then the chorizo, and then the mozzarella

5 ? place the other bread slice on top, butter-side up

6 ? use a fish slice or a spatula to flip (you'll need to hold the sandwich carefully though, it's a bit fiddly d:)

7 ? let each side fry until golden brown and the cheese has melted

8 ? serve up! Goes best with a cold drink, some slaw and salted crisps.

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