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Very Easy French Sandwich

Published Friday, 17 January, 2014 by Jaclyn Bayrose

Very easy french sandwich no microwave no stove



  • Bread-2 slices
  • jam-flavour of your taste(orange tastes good)
  • cream mixed with sugar-5 spoons
  • pineapple- 10 pieces
  • strawberry-2 pieces
  • apple-5 pieces
  • kiwi-3 pieces
  • (all the fruits should be cut into small pieces)


Take a slice of bread and apply cream mixed with sugar. Take the other side and apply jam. Now dress it with fruits. Not only the given fruits but you can add fruits of your choice. Close the bread. Now ready to eat!! :) :)


  • REVATHY 5 years ago

    Its yummyyyyyy!!!!!! And very simple.....

  • [email protected] 5 years ago

    Its fresh jam flavoured sandwich

  • Jansi 5 years ago

    It is a very nice dish. Kids will like this very much.Thank you

  • Vinay Gopal 5 years ago

    Not much tasty

  • 5 years ago

    Sorry when i learned it in a cookery class they told its french sandwich

  • Ahmadinejad 5 years ago

    Mate, that's a fruit sandwich. I came for a croque monsieur :\

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