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Watermelon Ice

Published Saturday, 28 February, 2015 by Eliza

Add a bit of flavour to your average softy



  • Watermelon
  • water ( also sparkling water, and lemonade taste good with the ice).


1. Cut watermelon into small cubes. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet and place in the freezer. (takes 2-3 hours to freeze).

2. Once frozen, fill a glass with the watermelon ice and pour your favorite drink over.


  • cupcakebra 2 years ago

    gotta try this for sure!!!!

  • lolypop 3 years ago

    you don't have to use watermelon you can use different melons . the more different melons you use the more taste flavour

  • watermelonx 3 years ago

    i have tried it . it is really good and tasty i recommend it to anyone that wants to make it. but don't drink it with sparkling water because after it tastes really sour . but do drink it with lemonade cause it tastes so much better than;0

  • Sehr 4 years ago

    Definitely will try!

  • Oskar 4 years ago

    Can you use other melons as swell?

  • Oskar 4 years ago

    Looks awsome! Seriusly going to try this!

  • NIKITA 4 years ago

    seems cool and fresh..
    gonna try this definitely..

  • Fatima 4 years ago

    It's cool

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