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Yogurt Dip

Published Monday, 11 November, 2013 by Jenna

Creamy and delicious!



  • - tin of yogurt (any flavor)
  • - vanilla essence
  • - cucumbers
  • - brown sugar


Put a bit of yogurt in a bowl (the amount of yogurt you put in the bowl is the amount of dip you can make). Add a small squirt of vanilla essence. Chop about half a cucumber into quarters and mix it into the yogurt. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar and you're done! You can eat this with anything. Tortilla chips, fresh veggies, etc.


  • Anushka 4 years ago

    Good dippppp.......

  • Monica 5 years ago

    Very nice and simple snacks for kids

  • Queen 5 years ago

    Nice idea me going to try that now

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