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Chicken Soup

Published Wednesday, 01 February, 2012 by Mona

Simple and easy !



  • Chicken (one per person)
  • potatoes
  • pepper
  • seaweed
  • spring onions / red onions (as much as you want)
  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • seasoning (optional)


Defrost the chicken. Dice the onions. Put some water into the pot and cook it.

After the water is cooked, add the onions in it for about 10-15 minutes or until you are able to smell the fragrance.

Put the chicken in and then cover the pot. Add more water if the water is no covering the chicken.

Placed the dry seaweed into a bowl with water and let it soak. While waiting, wash a few potatoes, cut it into slices or just half the size. Wash and slice it the cabbage, and diced the carrots.

When you're done placed the potatoes and the carrots into the pot with the chicken for 20-30minutes.

Lower the flame, placed all the leftovers ingredients inside the pot with some seasoning and pepper. Then off the flame.

Serve while it's hot, with rice or bread.


  • sick 2 years ago

    itz sick so make it

  • Debika Manna 6 years ago

    I thnk it will taste delicious

  • Nur Faiqah 6 years ago

    Nice i llike it... Its so delicious....

  • Bethan 6 years ago

    Chicken leg/thigh would taste nicer and be cheaper than breast for soup and one per person makes sense. If you have had a roast chicken and have leftovers stips the bones and boil the bones with stock (or water) first then use that liquid with the left over meat for a really rich broth/soup

  • Samantha 7 years ago

    Does it taste nice with pepper

  • Laura 7 years ago

    ~~ lilly ~~ or do they mean a whole fricken chicken ;) o_o

  • Lilly 7 years ago

    What do u mean by 1 chicken per person? A chicken leg or breast???????

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