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Propper Leak & Potato Soup

Published Wednesday, 02 May, 2012 by Luciano Giampaglia

No extras, no daft ingrediants and dumb blenders.



  • 3 largish leeks (£1.29 for 3 @ lidl & tesco)
  • 4 large potatoes
  • butter (or spread of some form. Can be a cheap one.)
  • veg stock cube (home bargains 39p for 8, or tesco economy, 6p for 8, veg oxo also works, check your stock cubes instructions for stock cubes to water ratio, i.E. Mine are 1 cube per 500ml hot water so i use 4 cubes)
  • 1.8l boiled water (not from hot tap! Yuk!)
  • 2 pieces of garlic (no more or you will ruin it)
  • large enough pot
  • potato masher (37p tesco)
  • salt + pepper
  • serves 6 to 8. Freezable.


1) cut off leak greens (the flappy darker green bits

2) quarter the leaks length ways.

3) now dice your quarters into chunks.

4) rinse chunks in colander

5) crush your garlic under the flat of a knife, peel, then chop.

6) add enough butter/spread to coat bottom of pot on a low heat, usually around 40 grams for my pot

7) add leaks and garlic, sweat off on low to med heat till soft usually 10 mins. If they are browning, your temperature is too high.

8) while leaks sweat, peel potatoes, rinse off potatoes, dice into half inch or so cubes.

9) once leaks are sweated add all remaining ingredients, that's the stock cubes, boiling water, potatoes

10) add a sprinkle of salt(half teaspoon) and pepper to your tastes, simmer gently till potatoes are soft.

11) when potato's are soft, use potatoes masher in pan and gently pulp the potato's

12) serve, with bread if you like, enjoy, simples.

total cost of ingredients + electricity usage at 2012 rates is less than £2.50, for 6 very large portions that's 41p per serving.

its also very healthy at <400 cals per bowl and full of good things :)

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