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Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Published Monday, 14 May, 2012 by Andy Hawkins

Quick, easy, wholesome, delicious!!!!!



  • 1 x heinz mulligatawny soup (can be substituted with cheaper)
  • 1 x cheapest instant noodles


1. Open tin, you will need a tin opener.

2. Pour contents in to bowl, you will need a bowl

3. Add a drop of water (1/4 cup, you will need a cup) you will need water

4. Add noodles

5. Place sachet in bin, you will need a bin

6. Place bowl in microwave, you will need microwave

7. Heat on full until noodles are soft

8. Remove from microwave, it may be hot hot hot!!!

9. Eat once cool enough, you will need a spoon/fork/hands.


  • MasterChef 5 years ago

    So if i want to put the sachet in the bin i will really need a bin??? What if i have a window, can i throw it there?

  • Veeb 6 years ago

    We were taking the p1ss with the instructions, but i whole heartedly reccomend the recipe! :)

  • Rachel X 7 years ago

    how thick to you think people are lmao .

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