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Vegetable Macaroni Soup!

Published Thursday, 01 May, 2014 by Ashley

Super easy for broke college students!



  • 1 can of vegetable soup
  • 1/2 cup macaroni
  • spices of your choice.


1. Boil water for pasta

2. Add pasta to boiling water.

3. After pasta is ready, drain water.

4. Add soup to pasta, add required amount of water

5. Cook until soup is boiling

all done!

makes around 1 serving


  • semina 3 years ago

    Boil 1/2 a cup of pasta when cooked drain and set aside. Add 1 cup fozen mixed veg to 300mls of boiling water in pot and a chicken or veg stock cube. Cook for a few mins then add cooked pasta salt and pepper.

    If you want it to be a more thicker soup in a bowl put 1tbs corn flour and mix in a spoon of the soup liquid when it's a smooth paste mix into the pot of soup and this will thicken it. Enjoy

  • lucy 4 years ago

    that was disgusting

  • Rahul 4 years ago

    I hate this

  • John 5 years ago

    Nice and easy also

  • Jay 5 years ago

    I would think these directions are clear enough without being so specific!

  • 5 years ago

    Woah there, when i said vegetable soup i mean a can of vegetable soup you can buy off a shelf.
    and as for spices, i don't know what you like. I usually put in salt, pepper, and italian. Sometimes oregano.

  • Malavika S. 5 years ago

    Such stupidity!!! Can't they at least write how to make vegetable soup?? And they've written spices of your choice....We're students and they should specify which all spices......

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