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Egg Fried Rice!

Published Monday, 07 September, 2009 by Amber

super easy and delicious, best done with left over rice



  • ~ Rice - Left over rice is best, but if not just cook some how you normally would
  • ~ Soy Sauce (optional)
  • ~ 2 eggs, beaten
  • ~ salt and pepper
  • ~ Frozen peas or sweet corn
  • ~ Wok or frying pan
  • ~ Oil
  • ~ some sort of spatula
  • Optional Extras (veges please don't take offense! ><'):
  • ~ crispy bacon pieces
  • ~ Chicken chunks
  • ~ Prawns
  • preparation time: about 5-6 minutes unless you're cooking the rice.
  • cooking time: 6-7 minutes


1~ Cook the rice and leave to one side. you'll need it soon!

2~ mix the eggs, salt and pepper and soy sauce (if you're using it, i find it makes it taste better) together in a small bowl and also set aside.

3~ in your Wok or frying pan start frying the rice in a little bit of oil until it starts to go brown a little bit.

4~ push the rice aside in the pan and set the empty side of the pan over the heat, pour in your eggs

5~ allow the eggs to almost cook, leaving a little bit of runny egg on top.

6~ mix into the rice and stir around well.

7~ Add a couple handfuls of your frozen vegetables and mix in. keep mixing until the vegetables are cooked and heated through.

8~ serve HOT!

Really tasty with sweet chilli dipping sauce or more soy sauce!

If you're adding any meat or prawns, make sure it's cooked properly before adding it to the rice!


  • Meezafrommaldives 3 years ago

    Thus recipie is great....I love it....but yet I thing I was taking a risk to make it...I did not try this recipie but my mouth started watering after reading this

  • A Piece of Rhys 4 years ago

    Video tutorial of a slight variation on this recipe.

  • Autist 5 years ago

    You need to be careful using leftover rice, there is a toxin that can form in it that can be deadly, i would strongly advise not using left over rice.

  • Rachel 5 years ago

    You forgot to mention how much rice to use...

  • Dorcky 6 years ago

    Thank you for the help

  • Her 6 years ago


  • Naes Naor Samor 6 years ago

    Well thx to this... Now i know how to cook it well and i got a perfect score on my hele...Hurray!!

  • the dude 8 years ago

    very nice x

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