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Homemade Yoghurt

Published by rhiannan pegg

this is soooo easy and cheap!!!



  • 500mls organic natural live yoghurt
  • 1litre of organic whole milk


boil milk in a pan and put in a bowl straight after it has boiled

wait for it to cool naturally

when cooled stir in yogurt

cover and leave for 7-8 hours

a'viola! whole load of natural yoghurt will have appeared

it keeps for a week or so in the fridge and can be eaten with fruit or cereal or anything. its very good for you!


  • Suji 6 years ago

    U don need 500mls of yoghurt. A couple of tablespoons will do..But add when the milk is lukewarm

  • Person 6 years ago

    I don't think you need yoghurt to make homemade yoghurt ;-d

  • Sami 7 years ago

    Yoghurt to make yoghurt ???

  • Nat 9 years ago

    to the previous commenter, the point is that you can keep on adding 1/3 of the youghurt to more milk to make more youghurt, cheaper than you can buy it. The initial youghurt is to obtain the bacteria required to make youghurt. Caveat Emptor, however, because not all "live" youghurts still contain live bacteria, so its better to pick a brand you have been recommended by someone who has already done this, as it will save you money and lessen your chances of ending up with a bowl of watery youghurt. As a final note, please cover the bowl with a non-airtight lid or teatowel as it is a breeding ground for bacteria if left exposed, but on the other hand the youghurt must be allowed to breathe.

  • ..... 9 years ago

    If you're adding yoghurt it's not homemade...
    I've got one, homemade stock! Just add OXO!

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