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Requires A Stove...but Still Tasty

Published Friday, 25 April, 2014 by Fida Ashraf

A little cheese and a little veggie....yummy



  • 1.Mozzarella cheese(the cheesier u want)
  • 2.Cheese slice-2 slice
  • 3.Bread or left over chappati-3
  • 4.Veggies(diced onions,diced tomatoes,juvenile capsicum,and any other veggies u like)
  • 5.Pepper or salt (for taste)
  • 6.Oil (most important!!!!!)


1.Saute all the veggies in a pan with a little oil(donot saute it too much since we need it crunchy)

2.Put mozzarella cheese a little to it.

3.On another pan ,heat the bread or chappati and put the sliced cheese and sauted veggies on it

4.Put another chappati on top of it and press it a little

5.Then on top of it another cheese slice and a bit more veggies with cheese

6.Wait till the cheese melts,cut it in triangle and enjoy!!!!!!!!!