Whether it’s romance, comedy, action or horror films you’re into (or all of them) you’ll need some good ideas to host the best movie night for you and your friends on a cheap budget!

Here are some ideas which can help you host a great movie night for you and your friends which will leave you running a movie marathon until the early hours!

Movies – It’s a good idea to get a range of movies to suit everyone’s tastes. Some people may not like horror but everyone may love a good comedy so deciding on what films suit everyone will get people wanting to come along to your night, if in doubt, get everyone to bring their favourite movie and then you can do a ‘lucky dip’ so it’s fair on what movie gets shown. You could also decide who brings what category of film so you have one of each and this could also avoid two people bringing the same film!

Snacks – Whether it’s popcorn, fruit, crisps, chocolate, juice or a hearty take out you and your friends like eating, make sure you have plenty of food in as if you’re planning on a long night you’ll need to keep topped up with snacks! Why not get everybody to chip in and get one item each to share with the rest of the group? That way you (as the host) aren’t spending loads of your own money on the whole evening and £1 here and there from everyone can go a long way! Some supermarkets do deals on sweets like3 for £1, so it’s all about looking out for the best deals and bargains. Instead of getting a take away you could pre-prepare for your evening with your friends and make your own pizzas from scratch, it’s a lot healthier and you still have the fun of eating a take-out type meal. The same can apply to other takeaways like curry or Chinese food and it really does not have to be expensive.

Once the movies and snacks are undergo it’s time to make that movie space comfortable. Get everyone to bring their own duvet or pillow so that they have something to lie on or hide behind (for those horror movies!) I always find the best movies are on a bigger screen and in the dark to add to effect but make sure you can see yourself eating or else popcorn could get everywhere!

Whatever you decide for your movie night, make sure it’s a good evening with lots of laughs!

Do you have any other tips you could share with others on a great movie night? Or any other budget ideas? Can you recommend any great films to get the evening going? Share your comments below!