So, you’ve just recently found out you are heading off to uni in a few weeks, and now it is time to start getting everything ready to move into your halls or shared student accommodation. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of everything you will actually need for university that will help you along the way; you can even print it out and tick it off if you like!

The way you need to go about completing this list is to first ask your friends and relatives if they have got anything you can have. This not only saves you a little bit of money to start off with, but also as the famous saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Asking can give you plenty of opportunities to grab stuff for free that still has life left in it. This could be anything from an old toaster that your Nan does not need anymore because she has just bought a new one or a frying pan that a friend does not need in their kitchen anymore. After all, the more you save now, the more money you will have to spend in Fresher’s Week.

The next step is to look online and get a vague idea about how much things are going to cost or the other way, is to head to a store with your parents to avoid the delivery costs (unless it’s something big you can’t fit in the car.) The best places to look I’ve found are: Argos, Wilko, The Range and Dunelm. As well as a Tesco Extra, ASDA, Morrisons or even £1 shops. In fact most of my uni equipment was from the £1 shop and some of it lasted me three whole years of my studies!

Furthermore, with the supermarket section of the list it’s best to go with the person who helped you move in to uni that day and go and buy it when you have finished moving everything in. Either that, or pop down to your local shop and get the basics until you can do a group shopping delivery the next day.

So here we have it, the ultimate university checklist:

Kitchen Tech Bedroom Supermarket shop Luxury items (nice to have but you don’t need them) Bathroom Not going to halls?
Cutlery Laptop Duvet & pillows Toothpaste and toothbrush Mini fridge Toothbrush holder Toaster
Plates and bowls Printer (trust me this saves a LOT of money and endless trips to the library!) Mattress protector (although some unis provide these) Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel Speakers Toilet brush Kettle
Mugs and glasses (although plastic ones are best to avoid breakages!) USB sticks or invest in a great piece of software like Dropbox Duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase Washing tablets/gel Fairy lights Towels Microwave
Knives Phone charger A blanket Washing up liquid and sponges Rug Bath mat or non-slip mat if you have a wet room Notice board
Wooden spoons and spatulas   Blu Tac or pins for decorating Bleach Television Bathroom bin (unless a sanitary one is provided) Waste paper basket
A chopping board   Notebook and pens Paracetamol or ibuprofen      
A saucepan and frying pan   Laundry bin Tinned food      
A tupperware lunch box   A dressing gown or onesie (perfect for those late night trips to the supermarket!) Salt, pepper, vinegar, ketchup (condiments of your choice)      
A baking tray   Coat hangers Milk      
A tin and bottle opener   Airer Bread      
Cheese grater   LOTS of change for washing machines Big bag of rice and pasta      
Colander or sieve     Frozen meat and veg      
      Tea, coffee or hot chocolate      
      Loo roll      

These were the items that helped me when heading to university for the first time, I just stocked up the second and third time around. Have I missed anything off? Can you think of anything else students may like to take with them? Comment below and share!