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Honey& Ginger Ice Cream Crunch

Published Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 By

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  • Ginger nut biscuits (3)
  • Honey
  • Cornish ice cream (or any flavor you want thats just personal favourite)


Take your tub of icecream and put the amount which you want to eat into a bowl,
next take 2 of the ginger nut biscuits and crumble into small chunks then put them into your bowl,
mix the ice-cream and biscuit mixture until the biscuit is covered with icecream.
Next take your honey and drizzle over the top (put as much as you like i usually put 2-3 table spoons)
with your last ginger nut biscuit snap it in half and stick into your icecream like a wafer
:) enjoy



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