Going to University? Advice for Fresher’s

Fresher’s week is the week where you really get the impression of what your university life is going to be like. However, it’s not just a long 3 year party that some people make it out to be. O...

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  • StudentRecipes.Com
    4 hours ago

    Veggie Omelette: 5 min Simple, good and easy http://t.co/gu0kONv1w4

  • StudentRecipes.Com
    10 hours ago

    The salty-sweet salad: regular salad with a secret taste http://t.co/iwcEUjwlVg

  • StudentRecipes.Com
    3 days ago

    Easy chicken (super good): Chicken with cream and veggies - healthy! http://t.co/1hI1kenTkf

  • StudentRecipes.Com
    4 days ago

    The Almond peach tart: A delicious tart to eat with your housemates! http://t.co/eusX0RN5nu

  • StudentRecipes.Com
    5 days ago

    Pasta - The chilean Way: Bored of pasta butter? Here comes the Tuna and tomatoes http://t.co/OlhL3F1NNR

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