Are you looking for an easy homemade snack? These snack recipes using dining hall food are cheap, simple, and delicious.

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10. Yogurt Parfait

Amirali Mirhashemian

A yogurt parfait is one of the simplest snack recipes using dining hall food. All you need to grab from the dining hall is some yogurt, granola, and your choice of toppings. I love to make mine with either vanilla or blueberry yogurt, granola, strawberries, and a little drizzle of honey on top. All of these ingredients are basic and should be in every dining hall.

9. Quesadilla

Fernando Andrade

When I think of college I think of the quesadilla. It is such a basic staple snack that comes together in minutes. For the simplest quesadilla, all you need is cheese and a tortilla, but this snack can easily be leveled up. I love to add a little chicken to mine, or if your dining hall has salsa that’s also a great addition. The quesadilla is one of the best snack recipes using dining hall food because the ingredients are so simple and it can be made in a microwave.

8. Trail Mix

Engin Akyurt

Trail mix is one of my favorite snack recipes using dining hall food because it is completely customizable to you. I love to throw in whatever nuts I can find (great sources of healthy fats), raisins, chocolate, and dried fruit if it’s my lucky day and the dining hall has any. This snack is great to have in your backpack for in between classes or a study break at the library because it is mess free and full of nutrients.

7. Energy Bites

These No Bake Oatmeal Energy Bites are awesome because you can swipe the ingredients from the dining hall and they are unbelievably tasty. This is one of the snack recipes using dining hall food that has a few more ingredients, but it being no bake makes up for it. Just combine oatmeal, mashed banana, honey, peanut butter, flaxseed, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes, and pop into the freezer for 15 minutes. Then roll into balls, put back in the freezer for 5 minutes, and enjoy.

6. Apples and Peanut Butter

Maryam Sicard

This snack is for when you have no time, are running through the dining hall, and want something quick. This may be the easiest of the snack recipes using dining hall food as you just need peanut butter and apples. Peanut butter and apples are a staple for me during school because it’s a healthy snack that always makes me feel good.

5. Carrots and Hummus

Maryam Sicard

Similar to peanut butter and apples, the carrots and hummus combo is absurdly easy. Just grab some hummus and carrots from the dining hall, dip them, and enjoy. Hummus is so great during college because it is in most dining halls, delicious, and packed with protein. This is a combo that I will enjoy long after college.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

Mae Mu

The ice cream sandwich is a dining hall classic. All you need are two cookies and your ice cream flavor of choice. Most dining halls will have smaller single servings of ice cream which makes this one of the easiest snack recipes using dining hall food. You can scoop everything from the small ice cream container, sandwich it between two cookies, and enjoy a perfect little ice cream sandwich snack.

3. Deviled Eggs

Rosalind Chang

The deviled egg is shockingly easy and I promise you your dining hall has the ingredients for a no-frills version of this tasty snack. You’ll need, hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Most dining halls offer all of these ingredients (minus the egg) in small packets by the condiments station. All you have to do is remove the yolk, mix it with these ingredients, put it back into the white, and enjoy.

2. Smoothie Bowl

Lou Lou B Photo

If your dining hall has smoothies one of the best and easiest ways to upgrade it is by turning it into a smoothie bowl and adding your favorite toppings. I love to do mine with banana, pineapple, granola, and some honey but the options are endless. This is one of the most customizable snack recipes using dining hall food and so fun to switch up.

1. Pizza Bagel

Christian Andronic

Last but certainly not least we have the pizza bagel. This is a great way to turn bagels into a more suitable mid-day snack. Just grab a bagel, spoon on some marinara, sprinkle with cheese, toast it, and enjoy! Everyone knows and loves Bagel Bites, but if you can’t get your hands on them try this dining hall substitute.