Below I have listed a few ways which helped me to adapt to my new ‘home’ and make it feel like I wasn’t missing out on all the comforts I receive when I go back home. It has never got to be expensive as long as you know the right places to shop for the things you love.

I absolutely love candles for any room, as they can really make the place feel and look extremely cosy, especially during those autumn and winter months. It’s always best to check what your uni or rented accommodation policy is on candles before you put them in your room in case it’s against the accommodation regulations. An alternative to this (in case you cannot have them) are pretty fairy lights or battery operated candles which are available from many shops. I always have fairy lights as well as candles so I can enjoy the best of both and they give off such a warm glow.

Little trinkets such as ornaments and photos of friends, family or loved ones are a great way to spruce up any room to make sure it’s designed to look and feel great according to your personal style.

Posters on the walls can also give your room some colour as painting the walls is never usually allowed in rented accommodation or halls that are owned by the university so, instead, you can show off what you like in a picture, whether it be cars, quotes, idols or landscapes of favourite cities or places. I always tend to think that girls will spend more than boys in decorating their rooms, although this is only from what I have seen during my time at uni.

Posters or pictures are a great way for anybody to make their uni room feel more like home and be able to always remember the good times that they have shared with others. I made my own hanging memory line with photos that I printed myself, using ribbon to hang the photos on and using mini pegs to attach them which made me realise that a little bit of creativity can go a long way, everything is possible with a bit of thought!

Making your sleeping space as cosy as possible is important as those social late nights and parties can make you want to spend the whole of the next day in bed (unless you have lectures!) Big pillows for decoration/sleeping and feather duvets are my favourite choice as they are so warm during the autumn and winter months and I think we all know as students how expensive heating can be, so when we can’t afford to keep the heating on 24/7 it’s always great to have comfort and warmth. Sleepovers and film nights are a common occurrence at uni so I always like to make sure that I have enough cosy space for when my friends come and stay, yes, even if it means bringing your whole teddy collection from home for that extra home touch!

Whatever way you love to decorate your room at uni I hope my experiences and taste will give others a few tips on how to make their rooms feel more at home! Try to make the most of your space as it will be where you sleep, study and sometimes eat, especially during those deadline dates.

Have you got any other tips you would like to share with others? Maybe even some ways of making things for your room – like my DIY hanging memories line!