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How to make your accommodation feel more like home

Published Tuesday, 18 August, 2015 by Tiffany Rawling

Moving to a new place can be daunting for anybody, whether you are going to university and moving out for the first time, or if you’re moving from halls into a shared house, it’s always going to be strange at the beginning. I think as soon as people move out of their first home, they realise all the luxuries they had but never really thought about, sometimes student accommodation isn’t the best and you’ll suddenly miss things like fresh bedding, homemade meals, a hot bubble bath etc.

With the summer sales on at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on finding deals on homeware bits and pieces to put around your room, to make it feel a bit more cosy.

Everyone knows how good Primark is, you can get your full wardrobe from there for a decent price, but a lot of people forget the shop does homeware too! This is quite a recent thing but they seem to be adding more and more as the months go on as it’s so popular. There is nothing better than fresh sheets and bedding and Primark is the place to go for these things. I recently got a double duvet cover, a sheet and two pillowcases for under £15! This is great for students on a budget. They do loads of single and double bedding sets and there is something in every style so you will definitely find one that you love. Before you put it on your bed, give it a wash so it’s all nice and warm when you put it on, it feels amazing after a long day. Primark also do a range of blankets, throws and cushions.

As well as things like this, Primark also sells things like fairy lights, I saw some for £6 recently and they would look really nice around a mirror in your bedroom or around your TV and desk. Just another way of making your room feel like your little sanctuary and a place you can go to relax. I can’t count the amount of candles they sell too, tealights, big jars, little jars, anything you could want in a candle they have it, and in so many different scents. My personal favourite is the pineapple and ginger scent! All so cheap too, for a big pack of tealight candles it is only £1.50 and small jars are around 80p.

I could go on about the amount of things you can get from Primark for ages but there are so many other places too. When you’re doing your food shop, it is a good idea to look in the homeware section, these sections almost always have a sale on and they usually have a reduced section too. Asda is a great one for this. If you don’t have one nearby you can also look online as any sales will be on there too.

Fresh flowers always look nice but they don’t last very long and it can be quite costly to replenish each week. However, all is not lost! Asda sells this White Jug with Artifical Flowers, which is a perfect alternative. This would look nice on your window sill and it will last you as long as you want it! It is £12 but in the long run it will save you money and it normally isn’t too long before things go down to half price so keep checking and in a few weeks this could only be £6. Asda also has a great range of photo frames, again could be put on your windowsill, on your desk, in the living room etc. This Glass Mirror Photo Frame is £3.50 and would look nice with a family photo in to remind you of home, or maybe one of you and your friends. Little things like this just make your place feel more like home and are all little reminders. They also have a big variety of wall photo frames so if you have a lot of photos you want to store, you could get a big one to go on your wall for less than a tenner.

As university can be quite stressful and sometimes you might want to give up, a nice idea would be to put some inspirational quotes up around your home. These can go in frames like I’ve just mentioned or could stand alone next to your bed on a bedside table or on your desk, easy to see when you’re doing work then! Paperchase do postcards for 60p and these are all a perfect size to go in a frame, they have ones with quotes like ‘smile’ and ‘creativity never goes out of style’. They are all just a little bit different and add a bit of a quirky edge to your room!

The last thing you could do to remind yourself of home is create a recipe book with all homemade meals that your family used to make for you or taught you how to make. There is nothing better than being at home, having somebody else cooking for you and having a delicious meal but at university it can be hard. Having a book with all simple recipes you love, might make you feel a bit happier after a hard day, and it’s a simple reminder of your family. You can write recipes down in just a normal notebook or you can get ones from places like Paperchase, Waterstones, Amazon, that have specific sections for ingredients and a space for you to write down the method! Don’t forget to upload them all to too!


  • Vikas Sharma 5 years ago

    Amazingly narrated blog post! Your guidance is really exceptional and useful. I am in London for my studies. I got a nice accommodation in central London, thanks for website which helped me find a suitable and comfortable accommodation. Your post has inspired me to decorate my room, i will try to do that and hopefully will feel more like home.

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