Chipotle is the best fast food for college students because you can have many different types of meals. There are many ingredients to pick and choose from. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you have plenty to choose from as a college student. 

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Students love Chipotle because they offer student discounts and you can get points no matter what you order. You must show them your Student ID in person in order to reap the student discount benefits. This also depends on store location. Call your local Chipotle and ask if they offer student discounts online and/or in-store. Sometimes they even offer online, which makes ordering much easier. All you need to do is enter your student ID online or through the Chipotle app. I suggest downloading the app. That way, you can keep track of your points. 

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You can get a bowl, which costs anywhere between $6 to $15, depending on what protein you order and topping add-ons. If you get a bowl, they fill it up so much that they ensure no room is left in the container. This is great because you are guaranteed to be full after the meal and you might even have room for leftovers.

Aside from a burrito bowl, you have choices of burritos, quesadilla, tacos, and salad. With a variety of ingredients, you’ll find it hard to get tired of Chipotle meals. Mix it up between the meat choices, salsa, queso, rice, beans, corn, romaine lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. If you want extras, you can order chips and salsa starting at $2. If you aren’t into salsa, you can get chips and guacamole starting at $4. Pricing can vary depending on your location.

While Chipotle is considered “fast food,” the ingredients are fresh and factor in a lot of vegetables and other food groups you need in your daily diet. While you might crave McDonald’s after a hard test, Chipotle makes more sense financially and its better for you in the long run. It will even keep you feeling full for longer.

My favorite thing about Chipotle is that if you ask for extra rice, they sometimes won’t charge you. I have asked plenty of times for extra rice, and it has always been free. With the additional amount of rice they give, I can turn my two meals into three and stretch the food I’ve paid for. These factors certainly make Chipotle the best fast food for college students.

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What’s the best item on the menu?

I find the bowl to be the best thing on the menu. I like to ask for rice, extra chicken, and corn in the bowl. I then ask to put the lettuce, cheese, and tomato salsa separately. That way, it makes out to be a little salad, but you aren’t paying for it because you are just asking for what you would put in your bowl to be put on the side. Then once you have paid for just the bowl, you can put the extra chicken they gave you in part of the bowl on the salad. Now you have a chicken salad and a bowl to make up for a few meals. Or the chicken salad can be an appetizer, and then you can have a small portion of your bowl and save the rest for later. 

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I suggest trying out the extra rice option. That way, you will have more food, which can go towards a different meal, and you must pay for Chipotle if you split the bowl. You can do this with any options you choose. If you get tacos, ask for a side of rice, and if you want extra meat, it will cost you less than $2 for the extra meat you choose. Now, you have a side dish that can be a quick lunch in between classes. Chipotle is the best fast-food place for college students because it can provide more than one meal with lots of variety. As long as you keep providing your phone number to ensure you get points for discounts or free chips and salsa Chipotle won’t steer you wrong.