During this time of year, everyone craves hot drinks to keep them warm in the cold weather. This festive chocolate orange hot chocolate is the perfect way to keep you warm and your chocolate cravings topped up!

For these, you can serve them up in actual oranges for that little festive treat. They not only taste delicious but you and your friends will be raving about them for months to come!

You will need:

  • Large oranges (the larger the better, because you want them to be able to stand easily!)
  • Terry’s chocolate orange (these are usually reduced around this time of year, so a great bargain buy!)
  • Milk
  • MORE chocolate orange to add afterwards or if you are like me to eat whilst your making the hot chocolate
  • Sparkle dust for decoration (or you can use sugar)
  • Some festive striped straws


  • Step one: Pop a pan on the hob and make sure you have a wooden spoon.
  • Step two: Take a cup of your choice and fill it with milk. If there are a lot of you in your house, perhaps do this a few times to make sure you have enough for it to go around.
  • Step three: Pop the heat on under the saucepan but not too high! You don’t want to burn the milk on the bottom. Slowly stir this as it heats through.
  • Step four: Take the chocolate orange segments, break them up and add them into the saucepan. (This is the part where you can do your ultimate taste test with the orange segments to make sure it tastes okay!) Use as much chocolate as you like; if it’s easier do little taste tests along the way to make sure the chocolate milk is as strong as you like it.
  • Step five: Stir in your hot chocolate until it has all melted and reduce the heat slightly.
  • Step six: Grab the oranges and slice each top off, do not throw these away, they can be used as a lid for the top of your hot chocolate orange cup! Hollow them out using a spoon, like you would with a pumpkin and make sure you get as much juice as you can from these into a glass (you may want to keep it to make fresh orange juice, but that’s another story!)
  • Step seven: Make a small hole using a knife in each of the ‘lids’ that you will be using to place on top of your orange cup (this is where the straw will go into). Then pop the lid back onto your orange.
  • Step eight: Cut the straws to the right length and make sure they fit into the lid of your orange.
  • Step nine: Being very careful as you do not want to burn yourself, using a ladle, pour the hot chocolate from the pan into your oranges, pop the lid back on and put in your straw. Using oranges as cups gives your hot chocolate that extra orangey taste! (Plus, we are all students; it reduces the amount of washing up.)
  • Step ten: Use the sprinkle dust or sugar to sprinkle over your finished oranges with orange hot chocolate inside for that extra festive look!

And there we have it, your perfect chocolate orange hot chocolate! If you are worried about these being unhealthy or you are watching what you eat, then don’t worry because you have the freshly squeezed orange juice ready for you to drink at a later time.

I hope you like this festive recipe and have fun making it with your house mates too; I know I shall be indulging in a lot of these over the Christmas holidays. If you do make these, please comment with what you thought and if you can share any other naughty Christmas recipes too! Happy holidays!