With so many festivals going on over the next few months, as summer really starts (hopefully the weather will keep improving!) I’m sure at least a few of you will be heading to one or two. Instead of a usual checklist advising you on what clothes and toiletries to take etc., I thought a food and drink one may be helpful as you don’t always know what to expect when it comes to what food will be available and what you will be eating while you are at a festival.

At every festival there will be burger vans, pizza places, some stands do southern fried chicken, you can get paella, and there really is something for everyone. There are also sometimes stalls selling cupcakes, cookies, tray-bakes, you will be spoilt for choice and something for those with a sweet tooth. There are different companies at different festivals but you can expect to see the same sort of foods wherever you are in the country. There will also be food available for those with allergies; lots of food vans now do gluten free options or wheat free options. Everyone is catered for.

Buying food and drink while you’re there is great and I think it’s a good idea to try some new foods and see what’s on offer, but all of this can cost a lot of money so try and take a few things with you.*

  • Packet items like mugshots, cup a soups, even couscous are good options as they can all be put into a pan or mug and you just add boiling water. Couscous is always on offer at the supermarket and they also do their own value version too, you could get a few packets for less than £1 and one pack would spread out over a few people as there is always more than you think.
  • Disposable BBQs are great, so cheap and quick and easy. You can find them in all supermarkets at the moment and they’re great to stock up on and use throughout the summer. You could take a few of these with you and that way you can still have your sausage sandwiches and fry ups!
  • Camping stoves are worth the money and if you are someone who attends a lot of festivals, it will really come in handy. If you have one of these you could take a few saucepans so you can cook soup, beans etc. There are possibilities when it comes to ‘cooking’ at festivals, you just need to have a look around and get a bit of inspiration!
  • It’s a good idea to take sauces and seasoning to add to any meat you might cook or to just spice normal meals up a little bit.
  • You can get cool boxes to take with you so then all of your food and drink can be stored, it’s all in one place and it won’t go all warm and horrible while you’re away from your tent.

When it comes to soft drinks you can get mini squeezy cordials now and they are a great size for travelling and fitting in your bag. Robinsons has their own, Vimto do and supermarkets have their own versions too, they are great for just adding to water whenever you want.

For sweet things to take with you, you could try some dried fruit, this always lasts well and big pack goes a long way. You can get all sorts of fruit now in packets so whatever you like you’ll be able to find. Crisps are always great to take with you, providing they don’t get too squashed on the journey! You can buy big multipacks from all supermarkets and they’re really not a bad price for the amount you get. If you take some bread with you, you can eat as many crisp sandwiches as you want! It might be the only option if you are low on food or don’t take much with you. Usual biscuits and sweets are good to take as everyone will like them and again you can get big multipacks.

There are options when it comes to eating and drinking at a festival, some supermarkets even have a section dedicated to it during the summer of all dried foods and tins that would be suitable and quick and easy! A quick internet search gives you loads of options too if you’re still stuck for ideas!

*Make sure to check on the festival website as to whether you are allowed to bring in your own food, drink and barbecues.