Whether you’re an outgoing party animal or squealing like a pig at the prospect (or both), being prepared for University might just save you from some dire predicaments. The last thing you need when you’re trying to settle in, get your bearings and make some friends is getting locked out, lost, sleep-deprived or worse – out of food.

So how exactly do you prepare for the seemingly endless number of events taking place during and post-Freshers’ Week? Perhaps you can’t. Perhaps there are just too many weird costumes, wrist bands and plastic cards you might need. Or perhaps you are feeling too pressured to be able to contemplate enjoying it at all. But if there is one thing I have learned from the whole experience it is that the little things can help you to enjoy a fiasco-free Freshers’ Week.

It’s time to sort out your Freshers’ Week Survival Kit.

An Energy Boost

Whatever your plans are for Freshers’ Week, there’s a good chance you’ll be in need of this. Keeping some emergency items in your room when you can’t face getting up can make you feel much better. Of course, this is no reason to buy crates of energy drinks. But having fruit juice, crackers, nuts and other snacks can give you the salt and sugar you need to feel just that bit more awake. And it goes without saying that plenty of water is essential.

A Good Kip

On the other hand, there will also be times when all you want to do is wind down and get some much-needed rest. A whole load of things can help with this – ear plugs, eye masks, calming music, pillow spray, or perhaps just a cosy pair of PJs. Whatever helps you relax at home, take it with you.Sleep deprivation can be serious, so by getting some shut-eye you’ll be ready for anything.

A Spare Key

This is a no-brainer, especially if your Halls charge a fine if you lose your key!

A Med Kit

It is surprising how many people overlook things like plasters, painkillers, cold medicine and other everyday items from the bathroom cupboard, but these might be the most important items of all. Being ill and unable to get to a pharmacy is not fun and, unfortunately for students, ‘Freshers’ Flu’ does exist. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid it, being safe rather than sorry can’t hurt. Besides, it is surprising how popular the painkiller-provider gets whilst living in student accommodation!

A Lifeline

This sounds melodramatic, but having a few important phone numbers already in your contacts can be a life saver. Just a few helpful numbers include a local taxi service, University security and the number of your new GP. And, of course, getting the numbers of new house/flatmates ASAP is always a good idea.

A Quick Fix

You could be hung over, late, ill or simply disorientated, but for whatever reason everyone experiences the ‘bad hair day’ (or ‘bad everything day’) at University. A quick-fix kit including items such as dry shampoo, face wipes, mini deodorant and mint chewing gum can get you feeling fresher in a hurry.

Getting sorted now rather than later can give you peace of mind during what can be a strange and stressful experience. The rest is up to you!