Moving to a new place can be daunting for anybody, whether you are going to college and moving out for the first time, or if you’re moving from a dorm into an apartment or house, it will always be strange at the beginning. Moving away from home makes you realize all the luxuries you may have taken for granted. Suddenly you’ll be left wishing for simple things like fresh bedding, homemade meals, and best of all a non-communal shower. As a result, it’s important to take the time to make your dorm feel more like home.

With summer sales in full swing now can be a good time to shop around for various dorm essentials and decorations to make your space feel more like home.

Target is the holy grail for dorm room essentials. From bedding to wall decor Target has anything and everything you need to spruce up your space. Whatever you may be shopping for, you can be assured Target will have a plethora of options to choose from. Not only will the options be trendy, but they will also be budget-friendly: a college student’s favorite phrase to hear!

5. Throw Pillows and Blankets

With thousands of online options, Target makes choosing the perfect dorm bedding simple as ever. So what bedding items are best?  Throw pillows and blankets are some of the easiest ways to make your room more cozy. A few colorful pillows and a soft blanket at the bottom of your bed can be just the thing to elevate your new dorm into a homey space.

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4. Lights, Candles, and Diffusers

Target also sells fairy lights, candles, diffusers, neon lights, and countless other items that can make your dorm feel more like home. Candles are such an easy way to bring comfort to your new home. Coming back from class, lighting a candle, and cozying up with a book can be just what you need to decompress from your stressful college life. Target has such a great selection of candles and, there is sure to be a scent for everyone. Some dorms will have fire safety rules so check your building’s guidelines before you purchase!

If candles are a no-go, oil diffusers are also a great option. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your diffuser and your dorm room will be an oasis in no time. Target carries diffusers in all shapes and sizes so matching your dorm aesthetic should be no problem.

3. Extra Storage

Target’s dorm essentials don’t end at bedding and candles, some of the simplest things to have in your dorm are organizers. It is easy to overlook something as simple as extra storage, but it is imperative to have it. Dorms are notoriously small and trying to move your entire life into a 10’x14’ room is no easy feat. Keeping your space clean is the best way to keep your dorm feeling like home and extra organizing is essential to make that happen.

Check out these storage drawers that are perfect for under the bed. Or these drawer organizers that can be used to separate your pens, makeup, or any small knick-knacks for just $10.

2. Flowers and Frames

Fresh flowers always look nice but they don’t last very long and it can be pretty expensive to replenish each week. However, all is not lost. Target sells this Artificial Pink Flower Plant for just $5, which is a perfect alternative. This would look nice on your window sill and it will last you as long as you want it. Target also has a great range of photo frames, again could be put on your windowsill, on your desk, in the living room, etc. This silver photo frame would look nice with a family photo or maybe one of you and your friends.

1. Family Recipes

Dan Gold

One last thing you can do to bring in more reminders from home is to come to school with a family recipe book. Maybe there is a pasta recipe your mom makes or a sauce that could make you feel like you are right back in your kitchen at home. Nothing is better than being at home, having somebody else cooking for you, and having a delicious meal, but in college, it can be hard. Having a book with all the simple recipes you love might make you feel a bit happier after a hard day, and it’s a simple reminder of your family.

You can write recipes down in just a normal notebook or you can get ones from places like Target, Etsy, and Amazon, that have specific sections for ingredients and a space for you to write down the method. Don’t forget to share them all with us at Student Recipes too!