Growing up is stressful, especially as you hit that troublesome 16-19 age. But there are life tips for college students that can help make adapting from child to adult much simpler.

11. Start Acting Like an Adult

First on the list of life tips for college students is to start acting like an adult. Even if you don’t feel adult yet it’s time to fake it till you make it. In college, you don’t have to ask to leave the room. Professors don’t care if you leave and come back as long as you don’t interrupt – putting your hand up to ask is interrupting and it can be a little embarrassing if you stop a lecture to get permission to go to the bathroom- so if you need to leave the room remember you can just go.

10. Talk to Your Professors


Becoming close with your professors is one of the best life tips for college students. Go to your professors office hours and get to know them. If you form a connection with your professors early on they will be much more likely to help you out in the future.

9. Be an Active Learner

Another one of the great life tips for college students is to be an active learner. Professors love it when you’re active in class without being long-winded or over-explaining your question. The best classes to fight with your professors are the Socratic Method classes. Read the material and argue a point, learn the logic, and fight them again. Most Professors love it because it brings new ideas to class.

8. Avoid Mandatory Attendance


Avoid classes with mandatory attendance if you can. Especially younger professors, they are the ones most likely to be stringent about the rules. If you have a mandatory attendance rate, they will most likely be willing to give you some leeway if you have been an active participant. They (mostly) want you to pass.

7. Schedule Your Work

Make a schedule and check it every single morning. This is one of the most important life tips for college students. If you can stay ahead of where you need to be in classes it takes the pressure off. If you can produce an assignment immediately after it is assigned it makes life easier. Assignments always scale up at midterm and finals weeks, being able to have large amounts of work done fast makes your experience so much better.

6. Hit the Gym


There is a gym at your school and it is free for you to use (at most schools it’s already paid for). Take this opportunity to use the gym. This is the best place to relieve stress and get away from your computer. In college you’ll be doing a lot of sitting to study and get work done so a gym break is very beneficial.

5. Join Some Clubs!


Check out your major’s club first and join it. This will help get you connections outside of college. Becoming an officer of the club also look great on a resume. Then check out the social clubs that interest you. Sports, dance, D&D, cosplay, hackers, theatre, go in with a good attitude, make some friends and do some interesting things.

4. Wash Your Own Clothes

Make laundry day a group event. In the dorms there are usually about 10 washers and dryers. Grab some friends on a weekday and have a study session. It is better than waiting for clothes alone. Some people will pull your clothes out and drop them on the ground if you don’t watch them a little.


Unless your professor emailed the class to get the textbook(s), wait until the first day of classes. It is always best to see if you can use a pdf, or used copy, or you might not need one at all. This tip saved me a few thousand dollars when I was in college. There are also countless websites that offer online textbooks that are almost always much cheaper than the physical copy so be sure to check that out.

2. College isn’t about partying


Sure it is nice to go out and have a nice time, but remember that you are investing in your career. Missing a single class costs around $300. Failing a class means you just threw away thousands of dollars. Fail enough to be expelled and you just went into debt to party. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out, but be smart about it.

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1. Make a Friend in Each Class

One of the best life tips for college students is to make at least one friend in each of your classes. I guarantee you will find yourself needing to ask a simple question but don’t want to bother your professor. This is the perfect time to text a friend that you have in class so that they can help you out. A friend is also someone you can study with and bounce ideas with.

The key life tips for college students to remember at this age is that you are now an adult, or very close to being an adult, and the biggest mindsets you need to have are to be adaptable and proactive.