This is something people talk about all the time during college and open days, when you are considering universities, choosing courses and having talks from previous students. Everyone always wants to mention how fun Fresher’s Week is. It is something almost every single university does and it is for new students to meet other people and hopefully make friends and break the ice a little bit!

However, unlike most people, Fresher’s Week for me wasn’t something I was extremely excited for. I am not the sort of person to go to parties all the time, I certainly wasn’t looking for nights out in the first week, but if you are then you are sure to enjoy it! Though, Fresher’s Week is about so much more than that.

There will be free food, who can turn down free food?! Vouchers, t-shirts, goodie bags, and loads more! All of these freebies and vouchers will definitely come in handy a few months down the line when you’re running out of money and need a way of getting food! Yes, it can get that bad. The amount of takeaway vouchers I received just by walking through the uni campus was unreal, and it will be the same for you, they will come in handy though, just try not to use them all in the first few weeks!

Once you have unpacked and met up with your new flatmates, a great way of getting to know each other and getting out of your accommodation for a while is to go with them for a walk around to grab the deals. It makes sense to go together and that way you can get even more freebies and just share them out between you. As you normally get a freebie/voucher per person, it is a way of saving money, once a voucher has been used between you, you’ll still have some left over.

Aswell as being a top bargain hunter during Fresher’s Week, you can join clubs that run throughout the year. This is also another great way of meeting people, why not find a club you are interested in and go to the first meeting? If you don’t like it you don’t have to stay, but it’s worth a try, you might find something you love. I couldn’t possibly name all of the activities that go on throughout the year, there are so many, no matter what you are interested in! There are countless clubs such as, sports, food and drink, gaming societies, cultural, music, film and in some universities you can even make your own. If there is something you are passionate about and enjoy and you can get a good number of people interested, you will be allowed to run it! University is a great place to take advantage of all of these opportunities and try out new things. During Fresher’s Week, there will be stalls around handing out leaflets about each club and people you can talk to, it is best to find out as much information as you can and see what you think!

As I mentioned, going on nights out wasn’t for me and it isn’t for everyone, but for some people it will be the thing they are looking forward to the most. If this is the case, you will have countless bars and clubs to go to during the first week! There will be events at your student union, as well as others in your local town. Places will be prepared for the new arrivals and will put on theme nights for you, have the best deals for you and do everything they can to ensure you have a good time.

Night outs are great, but you do need to be careful. If you’re in a new city (or not), you need to be aware of the way home after a long night! You don’t really want to be getting lost in the early hours of the morning. Make sure you stay safe and stick with your friends/flatmates and try not to spend too much money! Boring I know, but these are things you need to consider, not just in the first week but all the way through uni. Once you start university properly, you realise how many books and essentials you need to pay for, you don’t want all of your money to have ran out during the first week on a night out!

The most important thing during Fresher’s Week is that you have fun, university can be a scary place and it is hard work so take advantage of this time to make friends, go on nights out and just discover the city. It is likely that the uni will become your home for the next three years so take advantage of this amazing week!