A Canned Beverage

Ice Cool Canned Beverage

Preparation Time

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Step 1:

  • Personally I’m right-handed so I grip around the centre of the can, then take my left hand and try to squeeze my index finger underneath the ring pull (or tab) and push you’re thumb onto the other end of the ring pull (tab).It may take some time to master the maneuver but you will soon get it.
  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • To serve you can either place you’re lips on the top ridge of the can on the side where you made the opening, or if you’re feeling fancy pour into glass or cup (to pour into the glass/cup make sure your glass/cup is at an angle and don’t pour too fast or the beverage can fizz up and will overflow the glass/cup, just take everything in moderation).