Step 1:

  • in large pan heat up the dash of olive oil and brown the mince and onion and half of the garlic. when there are no pink bits left in the mince add the chopped caugette, mushroom, peppers,tomatoes. cook for a litle while longer then put in the red wine, the rest of the garlic, the herbs and the sweetcorn. when all the ingredients are cooked through turn the heat down and mix in the spinach.
  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • when the spinach is wilted put a ladleful into a glass/porcelin dish and spread out so fills the bottom of the dish, put a layer of lasagne sheets ontop, put a layer of white sauce on top of that. on top of the white sauce put a layer of your freshly cooked lasagne sauce, continue the process until the dish is filled. when at the top layer, ontop of the white sauce put your cheese instead of lasagne sauce, put in preheated oven on a medium – high heat for 1 hour, serve with salad and warm bread and enjoy!!!
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