banocolate pie

similler to a banoffie pie but easyer and more chocolaty

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this can take longer than some recipies on here but it is worth it and lasts for days depending on how much you make.




First crush up a whole pack of biscuits making sure they are fully crushed. Then put about 6 table spoon scoops of butter into a small pan (not a frying pan) and once the butter starts to melt put the crushed biscuits in (this will help the biscuits stick together later). Mix the butter and crumbs in lots making sure its all mixed in. Then find a glass or pot pie type base to put the content in. once you have a base put in the buttery biscuit crumbs and spread them out to make a biscuit base. Then you put some more butter in the pan about 2 table spoons not too much just so that the chocolate wont stick to the pan too much. break up all the chocolate including the caramel bars into the pan mixing in with the butter and about 3 table spoons of caster suger to sweeten the chocolate once its cooking. mix it all in until the chocolate, suger and butter are mixed and melted then add 2 chopped bannanas into the chocolate and just stir the chopped bannana in a little. Poor the chocolate and bannana ontop of the biscuit crumb base and cover the whole biscuit surface. finally whisk the pot/s of cream so its thick and creamy then all you do is poor that onto the rest and again spreading it so it looks presentable. then simply put it in the fridge for an hour or so to cool down and when its done it will be soft at the top in the middle youl get a chunky and caramely centre with the sweet crunchy and chewy biscuit base at the bottom.